Important of feedback and self reflection

Thanks for my mentor giving me some feedback from my lesson in my practicum. It is importance of feedback and self-reflection for a teacher when finish the lesson. Through feedback and self-reflection, teacher will know the needs of the children and plan it in the next lesson. In Amy’s blog, she explains about Kate says that through the feedback teacher can improved themselves. Besides that, I also will self-reflection when I finish my lesson to think about what happening and did children learn anything today. In The state of Queensland (QSA)  says that teacher self-reflection can help teacher understand more about the positive impacts of high-quality effective pedagogies on children’s learning (USQ, 2006). Teacher wills more understanding children and creating suitable contexts for children learning.

QSA, (2006). Early years curriculum materials: Reflecting on my teaching practices. Retrieved on 25 May, 2013 from

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